Sabonani Resort Hotel and Spa

Hazyview 7 km from Kruger National Park 

Investment Value R89,000

Our amazing offer!

Leisure Investments | Rental Returns | Holiday Ownership

How does Share Block Ownership work?

Each unit on the resort could be owned by a private individual, however to make Ownership/Investment opportunities
more accessible we use the Share block model, whereby 1 unit can be owned by several individual owners/investors.

These owners share the benefits of the unit as well as the purchase and maintenance costs.

Each unit is divided into 52 shares (one share for every week of the year) one owner can own several shares.

Each owner is issued a share certificate and your ownership is permanent.

Each owner may use his share for personal Holidays, or have his weeks/shares rented out for an annual return on your Investment.

3 Main benefits.

Rent 💵
Use ⛱️
Exchange ✈️